Best of 2018


Alright, I know this is a little last minute, but I thought it would be fun to poll people on their favorite Miles Mathis paper of 2018. In fact, let’s vote on 4 categories (please vote for at least the first two):

  1. Favorite paper by Miles from 2018.
  2. Favorite paper by Miles of all time.
  3. Favorite physics paper.
  4. Favorite guest paper. (I wont’ hold it against you if it’s not one of mine.)

And two more just for shits and giggles:

5. Silliest/most absurd hoaxed event of 2018

6. Worst crisis actor.

Leave your vote in comments. You don’t have to vote for all categories but please vote for the first two. And if you find that you simply can’t choose just one, then you can list a few. And please number your votes corresponding to the categories above.  Votes cast after Sunday night (Jan. 6) at midnight Friday 7pm GMT (2pm EST) will not be counted!

[Wordpress will ask for you e-mail in order to comment. If you feel uncomfortable leaving your e-mail, just make one up — they don’t check if it’s real. And if you don’t see your comment go through, then it probably means I have to approve it so be patient.]


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