In Defense of Miles Mathis


Below is a rebuttal and response to a recent attack on Miles Mathis, titled “Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Clowns.” Note that from the first word there is already an ad hominem attack in the form of childish name-calling. Apparently Miles is a clown, and the picture of him at the top of the post is supposed to prove it, I guess. Also note that the paper was first published on Mark Tokarski’s (now defunct) “Miles Mathis discussion site,” which is apparently just New Speak for a place where discussion is forbidden. The “About” section of the site no longer exists, but it originally stated that: “As always there are ground rules. No personal attacks. I have met him, he is a human being, even as some think he is a front for a committee. Be respectful of one another.” So much for that. I guess the next post he publishes will be a hit piece titled “Miles ‘Pantsload’ Mathis.” Oh wait, they’ve already used that one

[Update May 13, 2018: The link at the top to the commentary on Miles has been deleted from that site, which is now also vacant with a “for rent” sign hanging on the front window. I have re-linked to an archived copy of that page, which I made using the wayback machine before it was erased. That site was a spin-off blog started by Mark Tokarski, who has a regular blog called Piece of Mindful (PoM or POM or now lovingly referred to as POS). I was a contributor there for about 6 months in 2016-2017 before I parted ways and opened up shop here. Mark has now re-published that hit piece on his regular blog under the title ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ and also added some scurrilous and libelous accusations against Miles. I will not link to the new piece, though you can easily find it yourself. I will have an update in the coming days responding to the new accusations but others have responded to it in comments.]

Two things I want to say before I continue. First: this response is long, and if you think I am trying to Waste Your Time™, then by all means don’t read it. Nobody’s forcing you to. If you think this is part of some manufactured fracas to further split the truther ‘community,’ you will be relieved to hear that the gambit cannot work if you close this browser tab now and ignore it. I sincerely wish I had done both of those things when I first saw the post authored by the pseudonymous “Robert Zherunkel.” But I didn’t and now here I am, unable to ignore it and allowing myself to be hoisted on somebody’s petard—maybe even my own. It is my hamartia. Or one of them, anyway.

Second: I think it’s perfectly legitimate to be skeptical of Miles and question whether or not he his genuine. My intention is not one of “how dare you!” and my response here is not a knee-jerk defense. It comes after having spent a long time wrangling with some of the same questions raised by “Robert.” But unlike him, I did not seek answers to my questions in rhetorical gimmicks. I prefer substance. So in responding to his accusations, I will also be offering some insight into how I came to believe, and still do, that Miles is a genuine person who is genuine in his intentions. That doesn’t mean I think he is perfect or that I agree with everything he writes or every conclusion he reaches. But it does mean that when I think he’s wrong, I don’t think he’s being wrong on purpose. In other words, I don’t think he’s trying to deliberately mislead or act as some kind of limited hangout.

Whoever wrote this pathetic attack piece wants you to dismiss the scientific work of Miles Mathis based on sophistry, since he is unable to show how it is wrong. I don’t think you can reach conclusions about the work (including deciding whether it could be the work of a single person) unless you have read it. And if you haven’t, then it would be best to remain agnostic rather than fall for the sophistryand sophistry it is, starting from the ad hominem in the title.
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Best of 2018


Alright, I know this is a little last minute, but I thought it would be fun to poll people on their favorite Miles Mathis paper of 2018. In fact, let’s vote on 4 categories (please vote for at least the first two):

  1. Favorite paper by Miles from 2018.
  2. Favorite paper by Miles of all time.
  3. Favorite physics paper.
  4. Favorite guest paper. (I wont’ hold it against you if it’s not one of mine.)

And two more just for shits and giggles:

5. Silliest/most absurd hoaxed event of 2018

6. Worst crisis actor.

Leave your vote in comments. You don’t have to vote for all categories but please vote for the first two. And if you find that you simply can’t choose just one, then you can list a few. And please number your votes corresponding to the categories above.  Votes cast after Sunday night (Jan. 6) at midnight Friday 7pm GMT (2pm EST) will not be counted!

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