Current Events Discussion Thread


[This is the thread to discuss the current corona virus psy-op.]

From Las Vegas, Pittsburg, Thousand Oaks to Russian Collusion and the Khashoggi assassination, false-flag hoaxes, conspoofacies, fake murders and other manufactured events are running non-stop around the world and around the corner.

A reader wrote in to suggest opening a comment section devoted to discussing current (faked) events. I thought it was a good idea and would provide a place where people could chime in on what’s going on in the news and even offer evidence for why they think the event was faked, hoaxed, manufactured, etc. (or why not). Have at it, unless you think it’s a waste of your time–in which case, don’t!

Share Your Story

I’m opening up this thread in honor of my upcoming ‘truthversary.’  I thought it would be fun for people to share their story of how they broke from mainstream narratives and fell down the truther rabbit hole. And also, when and how did you discover Miles Mathis’ work? I’ll kick things off by sharing my story:

I generally date my conversion to being a “conspiracy theorist” when I was procrastinating in early January 2016 and clicked on a recommended video on YouTube. It was “9/11: The New Pearl Harbor.” The documentary is about 5 hours long, and I had no intention of watching the whole thing that day. But after the first 30 minutes I was hooked and couldn’t stop.

But that wasn’t my first trip down the rabbit hole.

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