Current Events Discussion Thread


[This is the thread to discuss the current corona virus psy-op.]

From Las Vegas, Pittsburg, Thousand Oaks to Russian Collusion and the Khashoggi assassination, false-flag hoaxes, conspoofacies, fake murders and other manufactured events are running non-stop around the world and around the corner.

A reader wrote in to suggest opening a comment section devoted to discussing current (faked) events. I thought it was a good idea and would provide a place where people could chime in on what’s going on in the news and even offer evidence for why they think the event was faked, hoaxed, manufactured, etc. (or why not). Have at it, unless you think it’s a waste of your time–in which case, don’t!

A Warning to Forum Spies

The comments sections on the blog has unfortunately become rife with spooks. And by spooks I mean paid agents, shills and operatives. For too long I had become complacent, trusting that people would be able to sort out the bullshit. And frankly a bit lazy. But no longer. This post is meant to serve as a warning to all the forum spies: I’m on to you, and I’m going to root you out.

Simply put, I had not fully appreciated all the different ways that forums can be hijacked. So I went back and re-read “The Gentleperson’s Guide To Forum Spies,” which was partially compiled from the documents leaked by Snowden. Say what you want about Snowden. I don’t trust him either. But the information was nonetheless revealing.

Here are some of the tactics I can see that are clearly being used in comments. (There may be others that I am not seeing so feel free to read the whole thing. And also read Miles’ paper about it.) Anybody whose behavior in comments resembles these tactics will NOT be given the benefit of the doubt. I would ask the readers here to remind themselves of these tactics so they can help me spot them and also avoid being falsely accused [PLEASE NOTE, THE LAST THING I WANT IS PEOPLE ACCUSING EACH OTHER OF BEING SPOOKS — JUST WRITE ME AN E-MAIL WITH YOUR OBSERVATION AND LET ME TAKE CARE OF IT]:

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